InVivo’s team has been successfully producing the highest quality biologicals for over ten years. Our long-standing expertise in planning, manufacturing, quality testing, and documentation guarantees the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our full range of expression, fermentation, and cell-culture experience is at your disposal. Our employees are the core of our businesss. All InVivo employees receive regular quality assurance training and are personally committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. InVivo currently employs 65 specialists. This workforce includes university graduates, biologists, chemists, engineers as well as degreed laboratory technicians.

Dr. Wolfgang Weglöhner holds a PhD in biology, which he received summa cum laude from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in 1994. After a post-doc in Hamburg, he worked at  B.R.A.H.M.S. AG, where he established the company’s molecular biology department. He co-founded InVivo in 1998. Today he is CEO/CSO and co-owner of the company together with Siegmund Karasch.

Siegmund Karasch studied biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. After obtaining his engineer degree in 1993, he worked at Henning Berlin, where he was head of the cell culture department and responsible for the production of monoclonal antibodies. He later worked as the group leader of GMP downstream processing at a leading German CMO, before  becoming CEO/COO of InVivo in 2011.

InVivo has extensive experience catering to foreign markets. Currently more than half of our clients are located in European countries other than Germany. Therefore, our major aim is to expand our activities in the US and Asia. If you would like more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact our business development department.

Caterina Farnleitner holds a Master’s degree in chemistry and joined InVivo at the beginning of 2008 as Business Development Manager.