Hybridoma development

InVivo provides custom services for development of mouse hybridomas and subsequent high-yield production of monoclonal antibodies to your antigen of interest. With passion and know-how we have successfully realized more than 500 hybridoma development projects to date. We take care of mice immunization, cloning, screening and initial characterization of developed monoclonal antibodies.

Our InVivo experts are looking forward to creating your individually tailored hybridoma development plan!

Hybridoma cell lines tailored to your needs

  • Individualized screening
  • Screening of antibody candidates for sandwich ELISA development
  • Negative screening to avoid cross-reactions of antibody with unspecific partners
  • Isotyping and mycoplasma test
  • Cryoconservation of clones

Special Offer

For your subsequent successful monoclonal antibody production

  • Cultivation in 1-litre scale
  • Guaranteed yield of 10 mg purified monoclonal antibody
  • One-Step purification by Prot A/G
  • Quality control by CGE, A280nm, analytical SEC

Rely on our expertise in hybridoma development


>500 projects successfully completed
Consistently high quality for more than 20 years


Optimized processes

  • Customization possible
  • Screening for high-producing clones by ELISA

Highly-developed techniques

  • Advanced screening methods to identify sandwich ELISA candidates

Special in-house consumables

  • Chemically-defined serum-free hybridoma medium

Quality assurance

  • Fully confidential data protection
  • GMP-compliant documentation
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified

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