Stable cell line development

InVivo develops your stable cell line right away – without waiting periods! Optimized processes and expert skills guarantee that your stable cell line will express high yields of recombinant proteins or antibodies. Still unsure which protein to target? Use our InVEST pilot production offer to characterize which protein qualifies best. Our InVivo experts are looking forward to developing your individual stable cell line development plan!

Cell lines in only 6 months

  • High yield
  • CHO cell lines
  • Pool generation by PEI-mediated transfection
  • Generation of high producer clones
  • Long term stability test of final clones


Expression of up to 200 different proteins for target discovery

  • Cultivation of 10 mL in bioreactor tubes
  • Delivery of supernatant or purified product
  • Quality control by CGE/SDS, A280nm, analytical SEC

Pharma cell line development

Skip the waiting times and receive your proteins in only 6 months

Start your project and characterization of potential new candidates right away without delay. Receive first results even before GMP-contracts are settled and slots for development and production become available.

  • Immediate project start
  • Short-term delivery of CHO cells
  • Proteins for pre-clinical studies in only 6 months
  • No waiting time for GMP document processing

Rely on our expertise in stable cell line development


Consistent high quality for over 20 years


Cutting-edge equipment

  • Flow cytometry
  • NyONE plate imager
  • Octet K2 System

Optimized processes

  • CHO cell line
  • Efficient PiggyBac Transposase System
  • In-house developed vectors
  • Various scales fed Batch Shaker Assay

Highly developed techniques

  • Double selection
  • Documentation of monoclonality using Nyone
  • Limited dilution cloning

Quality assurance

  • Fully confidential data protection
  • GMP-compliant documentation
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified

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