Antibodies On Demand

Depending on the productivity of the cell line and the amount of antibody to be produced, our prices vary between € 5 and € 55 per mg of purified mab. We’re ready to test your cell line to provide you with an individualized quote. Test production includes adaptation to our serum-free media, cultivation at the 1-liter scale, and purification with protein-A/G chromatography. We guarantee a yield of 10 mg of purified antibody. Price: € 999.

Customers ordering one antibody on a regular basis can take advantage of our Antibodies On Demand service. Prices are based on the total amount ordered, but individual deliveries on call are possible whenever material is needed. The total volume of antibody is produced in one cultivation batch to ensure all separate deliveries are identical. This enables our customers to save money and storage capacity as well as to avoid tying up capital in inventories.

Ordered quantity
Price per mg [€]

10 mg


50 mg


100 mg


500 mg


1 g