As a leading supplier to the diagnostic industry, InVivo is committed to the highest standards of quality. We are dedicated to achieving the ultimate level of customer satisfaction and to the continual improvement of our products, services, and quality management system. To provide customers with products and services meeting their expectations and needs, InVivo has implemented and maintains a mandatory quality management system. We ensure that all our facilities, equipment, and critical materials are monitored under ISO 9001 conditions. All key equipment (cold rooms, fermenters, incubators, storage facilities) is kept under supervision and monitoring by our control system on a continuous basis. External auditors also make regular checks of our QA/QC standards.

Our customers are welcome to tour our facilities and we invite them to conduct external audits. This provides our customers with an insight into our working methods and ensures that we meet and exceed their expectations.

InVivo is able to provide endotoxin-free proteins on demand for use in preclinical trials as well as cGMP compliant documentation by the means of established procedures.

Company Policy Statement

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