InVivo is your partner in monoclonal antibody production from hybridoma cells. Our production is supported by special equipment and 25 years of know-how. We produce antibodies for use in research, human in-vitro diagnostic, preclinical development, veterinary diagnostics, food and feed safety. Proprietary serum-free media and optimized processes like high cell density fermentation guarantee a production at highest cost-effectiveness.

Monoclonal antibody

Human IgE (recombinant)

ID: RP_SZ_361

Recombinant human IgE antibody (hIgEλ), whose amino acid sequences are identical to the first-described IgE antibody from a myeloma patient with initials N.D. The recombinant antibody is produced transiently under serum‐free conditions in optimized HEK293-cell system and purified through one-step purification with affinity chromatography.

Quantity 100 µg 1 mg 5 mg
Price 331,00 EUR 1.300,00 EUR 4.400,00 EUR

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