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SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and Antigens

InVivo now offers recombinant antigens for Corona virus / COVID-19 in vitro diagnostics.

Europe’s largest non-GMP contract manufacturer

InVivo is your partner for cost-effective outsourcing solutions with over 25 years of experience. Our capabilities and expertise allow us to work on highly specific questions and to deliver promptly with consistent high quality. All our employees are dedicated to developing premium quality solutions for research, diagnostic and preclinical use. As your full-service partner we accompany all project stages from antigen production to delivery of the final immunoassay kit. We work according to your specifications so you can focus on the progress of your project! Our clients range from global diagnostics and biopharmaceutical companies to small university spin-offs. Many constituents of licensed diagnostic assays and FDA-approved kits have been produced in our facilities.

Rely on our expertise to turn your project idea into success!

Our Services

Protein Production

InVivo is a well experienced service partner to get you started on your transient expression project for HEK or CHO cell derived recombinant proteins.
Using our proprietary system InVEST for large-scale transient gene expression in HEK cells, we deliver milligram to gram amounts of high-quality recombinant proteins within only a few weeks.


We are experts for generating antibodies from all kinds of species (rat, mouse, human, etc.) and of various subclasses (IgMs, IgGs). Using in vitro production in our proprietary serum-free media, we assure cost-efficient processes with a protein yield up to 500 g through high cell density fermentation (>2 x 10^7 cells per ml).

Cell line

InVivo provides custom services for the development of mouse hybridomas and the subsequent production of monoclonal antibodies against your antigen of interest. 
Alternatively, you can access our services to create stable HEK and CHO cell lines for research and preclinical applications. Through highly efficient screening and production processes, we guarantee rapid and cost-effective cell line development without long waiting times until project start.

Get to know the team

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH is a leading German contract manufacturing organization with more than 25 years of experience in mammalian cell culture and production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

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