Recombinant antibody production

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At InVivo, your recombinant antibody production is in reliable hands. Recombinant antibodies for target screening, antigen production or drug discovery can be produced either by transient expression or from your own stable cell line in small to large scales. Transient expression is performed using our in house system InVEST. InVEST guarantees an approximately 80 fold increase in yield compared to commercially available systems, at reduced costs. Within the last 20 years, our experts have acquired significant expertise by producing all kinds of antibodies from humans, rat or mouse.
We are ready for the challenge and look forward to working with your hard-to-express proteins!

Recombinant antibody production within a few weeks

Recombinant antibody production by transient expression

Mammalian derived antibodies within only 8 weeks!

  • Guaranteed delivery of 40 mg
  • High yield up to 2000 mg
  • Free of endotoxin and aggregates
  • High reproducibility


InVEST, our proprietary and highly optimized system for transient gene expression, allows an increase in production up to 80-fold compared to standard systems. InVEST combines an optimized cell line and vector system, a novel transfection reagent with proprietary mediums. All components are synergistically optimized for a cost-efficient production of recombinant antibodies in high yields.

Special services:

  • Modifications like subclass switching or insertion of mutations in both domains
  • Transient transfection of HEK or CHO cell lines
  • Up to 100 parallel small-scale productions for target discovery
  • Upscale to gram-scale production

Recombinant antibody production from your stable cell line

Recombinant antibodies within only 8 weeks!

  • High yield up to 1 kg
  • Expert technical support for challenging cell lines
  • Batch-to-batch uniform supply
  • Free of endotoxin and aggregates


Your suspension cell line is in good hands with us – even a challenging one! We have the appropriate equipment and know-how to handle tricky cases. Your cell line is processed according to its specific requirement regarding cultivation and purification methods.

Special services

  • High cell density cultivation up to 100 L
  • Long-term cultivation
  • Scalable fed-batch process with optimized feeding regimen
  • Cryopreservation of clones

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