Frequently Asked Questions


How can I place an order?

The best way to place an order is by contacting the InVivo’s sales team at Of course, you can also get in touch by telephone or by meeting us at conferences.

I have specific requirements for my protein production project. Is it possible to customize the production process?

Of course. Since we are a custom manufacturing organization, our main goal is to meet your requirements. We maintain production records for every product manufactured by us and your specifications are safe with us. Please have a look at our forms in the Downloads Section to see which process parameters can be adapted to your needs.

What are the main application areas for your products?

InVivo is an ISO-certified company that specializes in custom manufacturing of raw materials for pre-clinical use and in vitro diagnostics. Our non-GMP production environment allows for affordable prices and a faster processing time.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, unfortunately not. Please consider making a direct bank transfer using the details of the invoice.

How can we send our cell lines to InVivo?

Cell lines can be sent to us as living cultures or as cryovials with a minimum cell count of 5×106cells per vial. The best time to send them would be at the beginning of the week. Please make sure to provide us with critical information such as cultivation medium, addition of antibiotics or other supplements.

During which operating hours do you accept deliveries?

Our goods reception department is staffed from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 15:00 (Central European Time).

I would like to speak to a contact person at in InVivo to discuss my project. When can I reach you?

Our customer service team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 (Central European Time) at +49 (0) 3302 8669321/ 22. We are happy to receive your call.

What is the standard delivery time for shipments?

Within the EU, a standard delivery takes about 1-2 days. International deliveries can take up to a week; both under ideal conditions of transport and handling.

What are the transport conditions for the final product?

Standard transport conditions of final products are at 2 – 8°C. When it is necessary to send frozen samples (like cryovials) or by special request from our customers, we can organize deliveries on dry ice.

Who is your preferred carrier for package delivery? Can we track our packages?

We work closely with the carrier service LTI Express for deliveries within the EU/UK and send delivery information with tracking details when your package leaves our facility. For long distance international deliveries, we also engage with specialized carriers such as World Courier or FedEx. Please pay close attention to our Incoterms: all products are sent Ex Works (EXW).


Who is the rightful owner of the product?

The intellectual property rights to their product are held by the customer.

Does InVivo share product or product details with third parties?

No. Please be assured that your material, information and final product is safe with us. Any violation from either of the parties is liable to legal proceedings as per the confidentiality agreement. Should there be a request from a third party for your product, this will be processed only after a written authorization from you – the original owner.

Can you sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA) or material transfer agreement (MTA)?

We will gladly put in place any necessary agreements. We can offer you our standard agreements or customize it to suit your needs. 

Can I authorize a third party to order products originally produced for my company?

Yes. We need this in written format, preferably over a signed contract.


How would you start with my new protein production project?

We start every new protein production project with a small-scale test production to assess the feasibility of the project and the productivity of the clones. For monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma cell lines, we recommend our special Welcome Offer.
This pilot production includes adaption to InVivo ́s serum-free medium, 1 L cultivation, one-step purification and quality control. We guarantee a yield of 10 mg monoclonal antibodies (For mouse IgGs only). For transient gene expression projects in mammalian cells, we start with a Feasibility Study. This includes transient transfection, one-step purification and quality control. We guarantee a yield of 40 mg recombinant antibodies and up to 20 mg of recombinant proteins.

What is the typical turnaround time for pilot productions?

Generally, we calculate with 8 to 10 weeks for small-scale pilot productions of monoclonal antibodies, starting from the date when we receive the new hybridoma cell line. Feasibility studies for recombinant antibodies usually take 6 – 8 weeks. When cDNA optimization and synthesis is required, then this timeline might be extended to around 10 weeks.

What is the general turnaround time for monoclonal antibody production?

For a small-scale production of monoclonal antibodies, we usually need 8 to 10 weeks. For a larger scale of up to 5 g of antibodies, we calculate up to 14 weeks. If you would like to request an amount larger than 5 g, please get in touch.
We can successfully scale up to over a 100 g or more.

What is the general turnaround time for recombinant protein production?

The production of recombinant proteins takes 6 – 8 weeks in general. The lead time is also always indicated in the quote, which you will receive after we receive your completed Order Processing Forms.

Do you maintain a stock of customer products?

Yes, in case of high-producer lines, we often produce more than the ordered quantity. The overproduction is stored at our facility and can be ordered by our customers. When a product is on stock, the standard lead-time for delivery is up to 2 to 3 weeks. If you are interested in always having your antibody on stock for shortened delivery times, please consider our Antibodies on Demand service.

I would like to send you my hybridoma cell line for antibody production, but I fear it might be contaminated with mycoplasma. What can I do?

Of course, we prefer that customers only send us clean cell lines. However, all cell lines that we receive are first quarantined and screened for possible mycoplasma contamination. If there is a contamination, then it is also possible to carry out a decontamination of the cell line, with additional charges.

Do you also offer the production of polyclonal antibodies?

Unfortunately, our facility is not equipped for the production and purification of polyclonal antibodies.

Can I choose the antibody concentration and aliquot sizes?

Yes, we can adjust the concentration depending on your needs. However, some proteins tend to precipitate when the concentration gets too high. So please take this into consideration. Customizing aliquot-sizes is also possible, additional charges may however apply.

What is the standard storage temperature for antibodies?

At InVivo, antibodies are usually stored at 2 – 8°C, in some cases they are frozen at ≤ -15°C.

What is the standard storage buffer for antibodies?

Our standard buffer is PBS, pH 7.4.

Is it possible to use another expression system for recombinant proteins than mammalian cells?

Yes, for short peptides and proteins that don’t require posttranslational modifications we recommend using our bacterial expression in E. coli – since it is a stable and efficient system with high yield characteristics. We do not offer the possibility of viral or yeast expression systems.

Do you offer any chemical modification services, such as bioconjugation?

Yes, we can offer protein labelling with biotin, HRP, AP or fluorophores. For specific questions, please get in touch with us.

Will I receive a Certificate of Analysis with every delivery? What does it contain?

You will receive a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with every delivery, which contains information on the product purity, the concentration, date of storage and more.

Is it possible to extend the shelf life of my product?

Yes, this is possible based on either product specifications defined by you or as per our standard retesting and quality control.


Which animal species are used for hybridoma development?

InVivo works exclusively with mice. They are handled in a separate animal facility with suitable equipment and by trained staff.

How much antigen do you need for a successful immunization?

We need a total amount of 6 mg antigen: 5 mg for immunization and 1 mg (uncoupled) for screening.

Can InVivo produce the required antigen for immunization?

Yes, this is possible. We can offer peptide synthesis for small molecules with up to 40 amino acids. For larger peptides and full-length proteins, we can offer transient protein expression is HEK cells or protein production in E. coli. Please contact us for detailed information with your specific request.

Is it necessary to use a carrier protein for my antigen?

Yes. If the antigen is too small or irregular, then it has to be conjugated to BSA or KLH before immunization. The concentration of the conjugate should be > 1 mg / mL.

How long does the hybridoma development take?

Generally, the turnaround time for the complete development process is about 20 – 24 weeks.


What are the advantages in using a stable cell line for recombinant protein production?

For large amounts of recombinant proteins, it can be advantageous to develop a stable cell line. This cell line continuously produces the protein of interest without the need for new transfection.

Which expression system do you use?

We use optimized CHO suspension cells for our stable cell line development. Additionally, our optimized system includes proprietary expression vectors, special media, high-cell density fed-batch fermentation. Our highly effective screening approaches allow shortened timelines and result in a high-yield antibody or protein production. Please see Case Study section.

How long does the development of a stable cell line take?

The development of a stable cell line takes about 6 months.