Monoclonal Antibody production

InVivo is your partner for custom monoclonal antibody production from hybridoma cell lines. More than 3,500 different hybridoma clones producing human, rat, or mouse antibodies have been processed in our lab during the last 20 years. Your challenging clone is in good hands with us supported by special equipment and many years of know-how.
Our facilities allow the production of up to 1 kg monoclonal antibodies for use in research, human in-vitro diagnostic, preclinical development, veterinary diagnostics, food and feed safety. Proprietary serum-free media and optimized processes like high cell density fermentation guarantee a production at highest cost-effectiveness.


  • High yield up to 1 kg
  • All kinds of species
  • Serum-free in vitro production
  • Free of endotoxins and aggregates
  • Batch-to-batch-uniform supply
  • Cryopreservation of clones

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  • Guaranteed yield of 10 mg purified antibody
  • One-Step purification by Prot A/G
  • Quality control with CGE, A280nm or analytical SEC

Antibodies On Demand Service

Deliveries on demand at discounted rates

  • Adhere to crucial project timelines
  • Save costs and storage capacity
  • No batch-to-batch variability

Rely on our expertise in recombinant protein production


>3 500 projects successfully completed
Consistent high quality for more than 20 years

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