Recombinant protein production

InVivo is your partner for solutions to your protein expression challenges. Our capabilities and over 20 years of expertise allow us to work on highly specific recombinant proteins and deliver promptly with consistently high quality. Our scientific experts have realized over 1000 projects for companies worldwide using optimized techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Your protein of choice can be expressed in bacterial and mammalian systems or from your own stable cell line in small to large-scale productions.

We work according to your specifications so you can focus on the progress of your project!

Entrust your recombinant protein production to our expertise

Customized Production

Customized Production

Quantity, structure, purity, post-translational modifications


High Yield

Large scale production or many parallel small scale productions

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Immediate start
Production within weeks

Premium quality

Premium Quality

High purity
High reproducibility
cGMP compliant documentation

Economical production

Economical Production

Cost-efficient processes
License-free products

Transparent collaboration

Transparent Collaboration

Joint decisions
Confidential handling of data and material
Product exclusivity

Rely on our expertise in recombinant protein production

>1000 projects successfully completed
Consistent high quality for more than 20 years

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