Development of high producing cell lines for recombinant protein production

As part of an ILB and the state Brandenburg innovation project, InVivo works on the development of a new reporter system and optimized expression vectors for generating high producing CHO and HEK cell lines. One goal of this new method is to shorten the timeline from order entry to completion and to increase the titer of recombinant protein expression significantly. For reduction of lead time, InVivo is working on a new selection method using a cell sorter combined with reporter gene systems, making the limited-dilution approach redundant. To combine the reporter system with the realization of high expression rates, InVivo develops a new reporter and expression vector system.

Acquisition of InVivo by BRUKER

InVivo starts this year with big news!

We are pleased to announce today that BRUKER has acquired InVivo BioTech Services to expand their Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Pathology Consumables and Assay Business. As a part of BRUKER Daltonics, InVivo will continue to serve you with their well-known outstanding level of quality and service. InVivo will operate under its existing name and management team, and is looking forward to expanding its business with interesting projects.






Dr. Wolfgang Weglöhner and Mr. Siegmund Karasch, the founders and Managing Directors of InVivo BioTech, commented: “We are very pleased by the expanded opportunities for our business using the global commercial infrastructure of Bruker, particularly for microbiology and pathology.  With our molecular biology core products and CMO services, we anticipate significant growth and expansion opportunities.”

InVivo welcomes Dr. Nils Morgenthaler. He will complete the Managing Directors team of InVivo BioTech.

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InVivo BioTech Services is growing


With merger of ICI into InVivo, InVivo has a new operating facility in Berlin and is able to expand their service portfolio by immunoassay development and sample analysis.